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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my rights as a public housing resident?
    The right to live in decent, safe and hygienic housing. The right to have repairs made in a timely manner, upon request, and to have a quality maintenance program administered by the Housing Authority. The right to receive reasonable notice, in writing, of any non-emergency inspection or other entry into your apartment. The right to organize as residents without obstruction, harassment, or retaliation. The right to place materials in the common areas of your building informing other residents of their rights and of opportunities to get involved in resident/management matters. The right, subject to applicable house rules, to use an appropriate common space or meeting facilities to organize or consider any issues affecting the condition or management of the property. The right to be recognized by the Housing Authority as having a voice in the affairs of the residential community.
  • What are my responsibilities as a public housing resident?
    Public housing residents have certain responsibilities to ensure that the housing development in which they reside remains a suitable home for both themselves and their neighbors. Residents are responsible for: Comply with the rules and guidelines that govern the lease of your home. Pay the correct amount of rent in a timely manner each month. Provide accurate information to the Housing Authority at the certification or recertification interview to determine your eligibility for assistance, and consent to the disclosure of information by a third party to enable verification. Behave in a way that does not disturb your neighbors. Do not engage in criminal activity in the unit, common area, or grounds of your housing development. Keep your unit clean and do not litter on the grounds or common areas. Dispose of trash and debris properly. Comply with local codes that affect the health or safety of the residence. Keep your apartment and common areas in the same general physical condition as when you moved in. Report any defects in building systems, fixtures, appliances, or other parts of the unit, grounds, or related facilities to the Housing Authority's management office.
  • Are Meals on Wheels available?
    Yes, Meals on Wheels is available.
  • Are there medical personnel on staff?
    There is a nurse on staff to check in with residents. The nurse also performs monthly blood pressure screenings.
  • Is there a nutritionist on staff?
    Yes, there is a nutritionist on staff to consult with residents.
  • How do I file a complaint/grievance?
    Send a letter outlining your complaint to the NBHA. All public housing residents have the right to request an informal grievance hearing. Upon submission of a written request, a resident will have the right to a hearing before a Hearing Officer. A resident may submit an application for any dispute a resident may have regarding the Housing Authority's action or failure to act in accordance with the individual resident's lease or the Authority's regulations that adversely affect the individual resident's rights, duties, welfare, or status.
  • Are reasonable accommodations made for people with disabilities?
    Sometimes, individuals with disabilities may need a reasonable accommodation to take full advantage of the Housing Authority's housing programs and related services. The Fair Housing definition of a person with disabilities is: "A person with a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of such impairment or is considered to have such an impairment. (The disability may not be apparent to others, i.e., a heart condition.)" When such accommodations are granted, they do not confer special treatment or advantage on the person with the disability, but rather make the program accessible to them in a way that would not otherwise be possible because of their disability. Because disabilities are not always apparent, the Housing Authority will ensure that all applicants/tenants are aware of the opportunity to request reasonable accommodations. Anyone who requests a request will also receive a Request for Reasonable Accommodation form. Notices of reexamination, inspection, appointment, or eviction will include information on how to request a reasonable accommodation. Any notice requesting action by the tenant will include information on how to request a reasonable accommodation. All decisions granting or denying requests for reasonable accommodations will be made in writing.
  • Are there any tenant/resident groups I can join?
    Yes, there are organized groups in each development: Meadowview Village: Meadowville Village Lawler Towers Tenants Association: E. A. Lawler Towers Seniors, Inc Terrace Apartments: Terrace Cullum Towers Senior Tenants Association: Paul F. Cullum Tenants Association
  • Are applications accepted for low-income housing?
    The list of two- and three-bedroom apartments in low-income housing and the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program are closed. Applications will not be accepted until further notice.
  • Where can I get an application?
    Low income and senior housing applications can be picked up at NBHA 6121 Grand Avenue.
  • How do I know if I'm eligible for public housing?
    There are five eligibility requirements for admission to public housing: qualifying as a family, having an income within income limits, meeting citizenship/eligible immigrant criteria, providing documentation of Social Security numbers, and signing consent authorization documents. In addition to the eligibility criteria, families must also meet the Housing Authority's selection criteria to be admitted to public housing. For more detailed information on eligibility, please visit our eligibility page.
  • How does the Housing Authority select and assign tenants?
    The Housing Authority will select families based on their preferences.
  • Is there a waiting list for public housing? What happens if I get put on the list?
    Yes, there is a waiting list. The Township of North Bergen Housing Authority maintains two separate public housing waiting lists: one is for Senior Citizen Studios, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedrooms must meet low-income qualifications, own no real estate property and be age 62 or disabled. We have a very long waiting list for low-income, adults and with one child under the age of 8; for Meadowview Village. The two and three-bedroom list for Meadowview Avenue is closed. Section 8 waiting list is closed. The Township of North Bergen Housing Authority gives preference to Township of North Bergen residents as published and permitted by the HUD regional Office.
  • What are the rentals based on?
    Rents are based on 30% of annual gross income.
  • Are utilities included?
    All utilities are included except a $4.00 per month/per utility fee for the following: air conditioners (all buildings), washers (low-income only), dryers (low-income only).
  • Are pets allowed?
    Pets are welcome with a $300.00 security deposit per pet.
  • What type of background checks are performed on applicants?
    All applicants are subject to a credit and criminal background check.
  • Is a security deposit required?
    A one-month guarantee equal to the monthly rent is required.
  • What happens if I move after applying for housing?
    If you move after applying for housing, you must notify the Housing Authority of your new address so they can contact you.
  • Who is eligible to apply for senior housing?
    To apply for senior housing, you must be 62 years of age or older or have a permanent disability.
  • Are there services for applicants and residents who do not speak English?
    The Housing Authority will strive to have bilingual staff or access to people who speak languages other than English to assist non-English speaking families. The following languages will be covered: Spanish, Italian, Hindi.
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